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Historical Flags of the Celtic Nations

The Triskele

Triskele found at Castromao Celtic Hillfort, GaliciaThe Triskele is an ancient solar symbol found across the Celtic Nations and beyond. Originally, the Triskele was used by the Celts as a religious icon. It is believed the Triskele represented the sun that moves across the sky towards sunset. After the Celtic Nations converted to Christianity in the early Middle Ages the Triskele was still used often as an ornamental item in Celtic-Christian art. Pan-Celtic Flag with a Triskele in the centreDuring the Celtic Revival of the 20th century the Triskele was adopted as a cultural icon for the modern Celts, who use it frequently to represent Celtic identity and pan-Celtic cooperation.
National & Historical Flags of the Celtic Nations

» Irish National Flag
» The Green Flag
» Provincial Flags: Leinster, Munster, Connacht, Ulster
» St Patrick's Cross Flag

» Scottish National Flag
» Royal Banner of Scotland

Isle of Man
» Manx National Flag

» Welsh National Flag
» St David's Cross Flag
» Royal Banner of Owain Glyndwr

» Cornish National Flag

» Breton National Flag
» Ducal Banner of Brittany
» Breton Crusaders' Flag

» Galician National Flag
» Royal Banner of Galicia
» Royal Banner of the Swabian Kings of Gallaecia

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