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Galician county symbols:
County Mariña Central
Flag of Mondonnedo

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Mondonnedo Flag, Co. Mariña Central

County Mariña Central, GaliciaMondonnedo (Galician: Mondoñedo) was the capital of one of the provinces of the Kingdom of Galicia between the 12th-19th centuries, although the history of the province goes back to the 5th century AD when a province called "Britonia" was founded to accommodate a wave of Celtic refugees escaping the Saxon invasion of Britain. The capital of Britonia was destroyed by the Vikings in the late 10th century and the administration subsequently moved to Mondonnedo, which became a city in the 12th century.

The oldest representation of the Arms of Mondonnedo, according Mr Eduardo Pardo, vicepresident of the Galician Goverment's Heraldry Commission, is "a coat of arms dated on the second half of the 18th century, based on the older military standard of the Mondonnedo Provincial Regiment, which displayed the Arms of the Kingdom of Galicia".

The Flag of Mondonnedo was oficially approved by Galician Government Decree 336/1999, on December 9th 1999. The flag features the golden Holy Grail of the Kingdom of Galicia and six white crosses pate over a red field.

 County Mariña Central
  County Mariña Central comprises 48 parishes which are organised into 6 community councils
Argomoso, O Carme, A Couboeira, Figueiras, Lindín, Masma, Mondoñedo, Oirán, Os Remedios, San Vicente de Trigás, Santa María Maior, Santiago de Mondoñedo, Sasdónigas, Vilamor, Viloalle
Lourenzá, San Tomé de Lourenzá, San Xurxo de Lourenzá, Santo Adrao de Lourenzá
Cangas, Cordido, Fazouro, Foz, Nois, San Martiño de Mondoñedo, Santa Cilla do Valadouro, Santo Acisclo do Valadouro, Vilaronte
Adelán, Bacoi, Carballido, O Castro de Ouro, Lagoa, As Oiras, O Pereiro, O Reirado, S.Pedro de Mor
O Valadouro
Budián, O Cadramón, Ferreira, Frexulfe, A Laxe, Moucide, Recaré, San Tomé de Recaré, Santa Cruz do Valadouro, Vilacampa

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