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Historical Flags of Galicia
National Flag of Galicia National Flag of Galicia
» History and description..»
» Flag flying days in Galicia
» A Song to the Galician Flag ("Stand up!", 1917)

Where can I buy these flags?

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Flag of the Kingdom of Galicia Kingdom of Galicia
» History and description..»
» Historical Timeline of the Holy Grail of Galicia

Royal Standard of the Swabian Kings of Gallaecia Royal Standard of Gallaecia
» History and description..»
» Reconstructing the Royal Standard of Gallaecia (in Galician)

Other historical flags of Galicia:
Galician Christian flags: St James' Cross
Galician Christian flags: The Blue Cross of the Galician Crusaders
Galician Christian flags: Galician St Andrew's Cross

County Flags of Galicia

Co. Ancares
» Cebreiro Flag

Co. Corunna
» Corunna Flag

Co. Lugo
» Lugo Flag

Co. Mariña de Mondoñedo
» Mondonnedo Flag

Co. Salnes
» Cambados Flag

Co. Valdeorras
» O Barco de Valdeorras Flag

Co. Vigo
» Vigo Flag

Eo-Navia Region

Eo-Navian Flag
» Eo-Navia Region Flag

Bierzo Region

Bierzo Flag
» Bierzo Region Flag (in Galician | in Spanish)

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