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Galician county symbols:
Flag of the township of Cambados, in
County Salnes

» Flag of Cambados, capital of County Salnes
» Parishes of Co. Salnes

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Arms of Cambados, capital of Co. Salnes
County Salnes, Galicia
Capital of County Salnes, Cambados is one of the best preserved historical townships of Galicia. The town developed originally from an ancient Celtic fort called Cambracun and was given the title of Township in 1170 AD by King Fernando II of Galicia and Leon.

The coat of arms of the capital of Co. Salnes feature the Holy Grail of the Kingdom of Galicia over an Azure-blue field. The chalice is surrounded by a silver rope and is crowned by the golden crown of King Witiza.

The flag of the capital of Co. Salnes feature the same symbols as in the coat of arms:
- In gold, the Holy Grail of the Kingdom of Galicia; In silver, over the chalice, the consecrated wafer or solar symbol.
- The golden crown of King Wikiza, who developed the town during the 8th century AD.
- A silver rope surrounding the Holy Grail.
- The flag field is azure-blue, as in the Flag of the Kingdom of Galicia.

 County Salnes
  County Salnes comprises 55 parishes which are organised in 9 community councils
Cambados, Castrelo, Corvillón, Oubiña, Vilariño
Ogrove, San Vicente de Ogrove
Adina, Arra, Bordóns, Dorrón, Gondar, Nantes, Noalla, Padriñán, Vilalonga
Covas, Dena, Lores, Meaño, Padrenda, Simes, Xil
A Armenteira, Meis, Nogueira, Paradela, S.Lourenzo de Nogueira, S.Martiño de Meis, S.Tomé de Nogueira
Barrantes, Besomaño, Leiro, Lois, Ribadumia, Sisán
Vilanova de Arousa
András, Baión, Caleiro, Deiro, Tremoedo, Vilanova de Arousa
Vilagarcía de Arousa
Arealonga, Bamio, O Carril, Cea, Cornazo, Fontecarmoa, Rubiáns, Sobradelo, Sobrán, Sobrán de San Martiño de Fóra, Solobeira, Vilagarcía
Illa de Arousa
A Illa de Arousa

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