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An initiative
for the Galician flag

What's in this section?
» Aims of the initiative
» Flying the Galician flag around the world

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Aims of this initiative for the Galician flag
We want to help people to learn about the Galician national symbols

Many Galicians are proud of their country, and flying the Galician flag is a straight way to show that noble feeling.

Since 2005, the www.BandeiraGalega.com initiative wants to help people to learn about the Galician national symbols, and to encourage people to use them in public occasions. We believe that we may be able to make a difference by working on information and promotion:

1) Information:
» We publish information and research about the historical symbols of Galicia, so people can know better the meaning of their national symbols.
» We allow the re-use and re-publishing in other media of all the content provided in this website, so the word can spread around faster and faster.

2) Promotion:
» We believe that the best way to promote the public use of the Galician symbols is just to put them in the hands of the people. For that reason, we are manufacturing and distributing the three historical flags of Galicia.
» We offer Galician flags to download for free so they can be used on websites and they can also gain exposure across the internet.

Flying the Galician flag around the world
Examples, ideas, anecdotes

Are you flying the flag for Galicia? We want to know where in the world the Galician flag is being flown. If you would like to contribute to our Galician photo galleries, please send us your pictures (in .jpg format) along with some details such as your name and where and when was the picture taken.

Galician Flag in the Presidential Palace, City of Santiago
Presidential Palace, Santiago
The Galician Flag at sports events
The Galician Flag at sports events
Galician Flag in Carballedo, Co. Chantada
Carballedo, Co. Chantada
Galician Flag in Santa Cruz, County Corunna, Galicia
Santa Cruz, Co. Coruña
Galician Flag in Ferrol, Co. Ferrolterra
Ferrol, Co. Ferrolterra
Galician Flag of the supporters from Co. Melide
Football supporters from Co. Melide
Galician Flag in Esteiro, Co. Muros
Esteiro, Co. Muros
Galician Flag in Sobradelo, County Salnés, Galicia
Sobradelo, Co. Salnés
Galician Flag in Ponferrada, Co. Bierzo
Ponferrada, Co. Bierzo
Galician Flag in Killarney, Ireland
Killarney, Ireland
Galician Flag in Glasgow, Scotland
Glasgow, Scotland
Galician Flag in Landerneau, Brittany
Landerneau, Brittany
Galician Flag in Perranporth, Cornwall
Perranporth, Cornwall
Galician Flag in the 2006 Interceltic Watersports Festival, Truro, Cornwall
Truro, Cornwall
Galician Flag in Baden-Württemberg, Schwaben,  Germany
Baden-Württemberg, Swabia
Galician Flag in Connecticut, USA
Connecticut, USA
Galician Flag in North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
Galician Flag in Colorado, USA
Colorado, USA
Galician Flag in Nova Scotia, Canada
Nova Scotia, Canada
Galician Flag in Wellington, New Zealand
Wellington, NZ
Galician Flag in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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